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Bluelounge Design Saidoka Lightning Dock Charger

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The Bluelounge Saidoka is a stylish stand and the perfect solution for charging your iPhone while you're at work. The Saidoka is a robust and weighted dock, with an ideal use angle so your iPhone is always ready to use when you want to send a message while charging To make a note if any of you want to use apps. The Saidoka, thanks to the removable rubber cup in the dock with or used. without iPhone case The docking station is especially suitable for an iPhone with a hard case cover. Namely the case may not be too thick to still use this combination the Bluelounge Saidoka. This version is made for any iPhone with a Lightning connector.

Key Features:

  • Saidoka is a stylish and functional charging dock that will stand out on your desk

  • Charges your iPhone 5

  • Doubles as a handy stand

  • Not suitable for Apple products with the old 30 pin connector socket

Package Contents:
One Stand
One Charging Stand
One Micro USB Cable