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BlueLounge KI-MC-WH Kii Micro USB Key Chain - White

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BlueLounge KI-MC-WH Kill Micro USB Key Chain (White)

A charging cable for your  Micro USB powered devices that's there when you need it, and out of your way when you don't. It fits seamlessly onto your keychain so it's perfect for travelers, busy professionals, students, and mobile workers. BlueLounge charging keychain is available with both lightning connector and microUsb, so it's compatible with most of the devices out there.

  • It's about the same size of a standard house key and fits comfortably in your pocket just like the rest.

  • Micro USB, 30-pin and Lightning connectors available in black or white to accommodate your device.

  • Self-locking system keeps it from slipping off your keychain.

Kii is a compact charger-connector that fits on a keychain for ultimate convenience, accessibility and mobility. Kii is as lightweight and inconspicuous as any other key and allows users to plug in to charge or sync devices from any computer without having to carry a charger or tote around a cable connector.


Kii fits directly on your keychain with the rest of your keys. It's dual-sided: one end is a Micro USB connector to connect to your Android phone and the other is a USB to plug directly in to your laptop. It is an ultra portable solution that can easily be tucked into a pocket or bag to have handy anytime you may need to charge or sync on-the-go.

 Kii is great to have on your keychain in case of emergencies and is ideal for traveling, eliminating the need to pack a charger or unwieldy cable for zero-drag. By simply keeping Kii on your keychain, you can get an instant connection at a moment's notice!

Package Contents:
USB Adapter
Key Ring
Charging Cover