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ISJBAK Wireless Meat Thermometer- Grill Thermometer for BBQ Smoker Oven

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  • All-Purpose Digital Meat Thermometer – Get fast, accurate temperature readings on meat like steak, chicken, and turkey as well as other baked goods and barbecue with and instant read meat thermometer made for BBQ and oven cooking.

  • Stable Wireless Signal & 600FT Remote Range – An innovative design that lets you check temperatures remotely this wireless meat thermometer gives you more control in the kitchen or on the grill our thermometer lets you prep food and multitask more effectively.our signal is strong and stable, reaching 2x more stable than a regular connection, 3x more than Bluetooth.

  • High & LowTemperature Alarms – Able to support 8 kinds of meat at 8 levels of doneness this meat thermometer probe extra offers Low Temperature Alarms for Smoked barbecue lovers, 2-3 second readings, an accuracy tolerance of ±1.8°F/1°C, and a full test range that covers -4°F to 572°F, meets IPX7 waterproof standards.

  • Four Stainless-Steel Probes – This thermometer features four colour individual probes that simultaneously monitor internal meat temperatures to ensure more even cooking across the entire piece of food. Important for overall food safety and quality.

  • Kitchen and Grilling Versatility – Unlike some grill thermometers only good for gas, charcoal, and infrared grills and others that support the oven this wireless system can be used for all your grilling needs outside as well as your kitchen cooking efforts.


  • Meat Thermometer Digital Wireless ONLY