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Kaiming Meiya M3 Neck and Shoulder Massage Pillow

Condition: New open box

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Power Source Corded Electric
Material Faux Leather
Brand Kaiming Meiya
Color White
Special Feature Heat

Work long hours, play with mobile phones, take care of children and pets, and deal with chores at home. Our body is always in a state of fatigue and tension.

This massage combination product designed by us is designed to let your body relax and recover in time after a tiring day, and release stress.

When you start using it and stick to it, your body will tell you: It feels great.

Let the stress melt away with the help of this Neck and shoulder massage pillow.

Designed to target troublesome spots in your neck, lower- & upper-back and shoulders, the pillow features 2 powerful deep-kneading Shiatsu massage heads to soothe and invigorate sore muscles.

The traction pillow with hot compress function can completely relax your tired and sore neck.

Ultrasoft fabric provides a soothing surface, and an attached remote control permits easy operation.

  • Improve cervical spine 2-piece set - This product contains a massage pillow and a hot cervical neck traction device.

  • Cervical traction device - Simple and effective physical solution to smooth away stiff necks,helps in restoring proper cervical curvature associated with consistent use. The additional heat application function makes traction more effective and comfortable.Relief of various pains caused by cervical discomfort.

  • Shiatsu Deep Relaxation - Two-way motion massager, adjustable massage speed, powerful massage function can relieve fatigue and relax the neck muscles.

  • combination use -  The first step: hot compress traction cervical spine 10-30 minutes. The second step: pinch massage for 10-30 minutes. Combined use of the two, continuous improvement of the cervical spine, so you can enjoy life every day.

  • Use at Home,Office

  • Relax after work or exercise

  • The perfect Gift for Anyone

  1. 2 massage heads each have 8 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes.The 16 nodes work to relieve aches,knots and muscle tension.

  2. The massage direction can be adjusted. All-round deep relief of muscles.

  3. Heating Function Soothes Aching Muscles Effortlessly. The heating function adds an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity, helping you relax by enhancing blood circulation.

  4. Accessible control panel:Power ON/OFF.Direction.Heating.Vibrate.Intensity control.

  5. Power Adapter-UL power adapter works with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlet.

    Overheat Protection & 30-Minutes Auto Shut-Off. If the massager exceeds working temperature, the safety device will automatically shut off the motor to ensure user's safety and prevent damage to the unit.

  6. 100% Vegan Leather. Top quality leather is produced cruelty-free, and is durable, soft to the touch and easy to clean.

  7. Skin-friendly and breathable mesh. Comfortable and wear-resistant

How to use it?

Open the package,connect the power cord,connect the power adapter,and then press the power button to start using.

The massage key and the direction control key are used to control the massage function and the direction of the massage.

The vibration key and the hot compress key are used to control the traction pillow.

The "+"-" key is used to adjust the intensity of massage/hot compress/vibration.

The time control key can be set to use time of 10min, 20min, 30min.

You can connect two devices at the same time to use by two people at the same time as needed.Or you can connect to any one device and use it alone.


  • Massage Pillow for neck and shoulder

  • Control Panel 

  • Power Adapter