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Logitech H230 Clearchat Style 3.5mm Headset Blue

Condition: Manufacturer refurbished

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Behind the head design






Behind-the-head design
It helps you stay comfortable hour after hour.


Rotating, Adjustable Boom






Rotating, adjustable boom
You can position the microphone where it picks up your voice best—and rotate it out of the way when you’re not talking.

In-line Audio Controls






In-line audio controls
You can instantly adjust the volume and mute the microphone.


Noise Canceling Microphone






Noise-canceling microphone
You won’t have to compete with background noise to be heard—even in a noisy room.


Ideal for PC Communications






Ideal for PC communications
Your headset is ideal for voice and video chat, music, gaming, movies, voice recognition, and more.


System Requirements
  • A desktop or notebook with standard 3.5mm  headphone & microphone inputs.


Package Includes: