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Logitech MK560 Wireless Wave Plus Combo Keyboard and Mouse

Condition: Used

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Logitech MK560 Wireless Wave Keyboard - The ultimate power combination!

  • With the subtle, ergonomically designed shape of Logitech® Wireless Wave Keyboard your hands know precisely where to go.
  •  Your fingers naturally tuck into the Wave sculpted keys.
  • The contoured palm rest keeps your hands cradled in comfort.
  • And you won't have to relearn typing on an unfamiliar layout.

The wireless laser mouse that lets you power on with a three-year battery life and a tiny, leave-in receiver.

Keyboard has wave design with Constant Curve layout and cushioned palm rest

Mouse hyper scroll you'll fly through documents and Web pages with a single spin and laser tracking for just about any surface

Up to three years of battery life helps you save time, money, and the planet by practically eliminating the need to change batteries.

An indicator light lets you know when the battery is low

  • The tiny wireless receiver stays in your computer and can be paired with up to 5 Logitech devices
  • The Logitech Wireless Wave MK560 has been designed to match the natural shape of your hands as they rest on the keyboard.
  • This will reduce the stress of typing and allow for increased speed and greater accuracy of your keystrokes.
  • The keyboard draws very little power and will work for up to three years without a change of battery.
  • The Logitech Wireless Wave includes an optical mouse and a wireless receiver that will work with your other Logitech accessories.

Ergonomically Correct Design

  • Typing on a boxy, old-fashioned keyboard puts stress on the user's arms and hands and over time may lead to injury.
  • The Logitech Wireless Wave MK560 is designed to reduce or eliminate that stress with its unique wave design.
  • Your hands will fit more naturally into the key wells of this keyboard, saving your arms and wrists from strain.
  • The key arrangement also means your fingers do less work to get your typing done, which will save you time.

Long Battery Life

  • Logitech has engineered the Wireless Wave MK560 to work more efficiently and run on less power than other wireless keyboards.
  • Less drain on the battery means fewer battery changes and less money spent on maintaining your wireless accessories.
  • The keyboard is able to run for up to three years between battery changes, so you won't be taken by a surprise power failure in the middle of a project.

Package Includes:  Item is in USED-ACCEPTABLE condition with scratches and scuffs.

Logitech MK560 Wireless Wave Plus Combo