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A glass trackpad with the power of Mac OS multi-touch gestures, plus USB rechargeability.



The full power of multi-touch at your fingertips

Replicate a touch screen experience with in-direct touch. Click, scroll, swipe, zoom, rotate and much more with the full range of Mac OS multi-touch gestures



Super smooth and in control

Experience superior touch navigation. The glass top of the trackpad is superbly smooth to touch and allows your fingers to glide effortlessly across the surface



A smart way to recharge

Forget about having to change batteries. With USB rechargability, you’ll never run out of power. Easily top up your trackpad with the convenient USB cable and continue gesturing.



Full range of Mac OS gestures

The trackpad supports all Mac OS gestures so you have the full power of multi-touch to interact with content on your Mac.



Natural, fluid navigation

The smooth, responsive surface directly replicates a touch screen experience. Scroll quickly through documents on your Mac, Swipe through your favourite web pages, pinch-to-zoom in on your family photos, and much more



Large touch area

The large surface area of the trackpad gives your fingers plenty of room to perform gestures comfortably and freely. It also allows you to control your Mac pointer more precisely



Superb touch feeling

The trackpad is highly engineered with embedded precision sensors and resistance to fingerprints and scratches. This gives the glass surface a touch feeling which is addictively smooth



Made for you, inspired by Mac

With sleek lines, a low profile and high quality glass finish, this trackpad was designed to perfectly complement your Mac and your work space



Integrated mechanical click

The trackpad has an integrated mechanical click which means you can physically press down on the surface to click — exactly like the trackpad on a Macbook. The benefit is that you can navigate and click simultaneously, without picking up your hand to reach for external buttons




The tilt angle of the trackpad was designed to be as low as possible to provide better ergonomics



USB Rechargeable

Enjoy non-stop rechargeable power. The trackpad is USB rechargeable so you never need to worry about changing batteries. Just plug in the USB cable — even while using it — and instantly begin charging



Power management

The On/Off switch on the right side panel helps you conserve power when the trackpad is not in use. There is also a battery indicator light which turns red when you need to power up and green when the trackpad is charging



Reliable Bluetooth connection

The trackpad is wireless and can be paired easily with your Mac over Bluetooth. The fast, reliable connection gives you up to 30 feet (9 meters) of wireless range, so you have the freedom to place the trackpad where you wish — to the right of the keyboard, or anywhere else



Mouse or Trackpad?

Use the trackpad on its own, or as a complement to your mouse


A beautifully designed trackpad with a superbly smooth glass surface. It supports the full range of Mac OS multi-touch gestures and can be recharged easily via USB



System Requirements

  • Mac OS® X 10.6.8 or later

  • Internet connection (for software download)

Package Includes:

  • Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac