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Genuine THX-certified audio quality
Once you hear these speakers, you'll know why they're among the few that have earned the THX seal of approval. THX certification is the ultimate mark of audio quality and your assurance of a studio-quality listening experience.
200 watts of bold, powerful sound
Hear and feel the music with more than enough power to rock the room. Go ahead and turn it up. The speakers are built to deliver clear, detailed, distortion-free sound—even at window-rattling volume.
Phase-plug drivers for more accurate sound reproduction
From the soaring high note in a guitar solo to the loud burst of jet engines in an action movie, Logitech Phase Plug drivers make sure you don't miss a sound. A cone-shaped aluminum Phase Plug at the center of the driver helps to accurately reproduce high- and mid-range frequencies with less coloration than standard drivers. And because the Phase Plug acts as a heat sink, the driver is better able to preserve dynamic range. So you hear the quiet of a whisper and the loud, full force of an explosion. The Phase Plug even acts as a reflector, creating a much wider sweet spot of mid to high frequencies compared to conventional speaker designs. The bottom line? The true sonic signature of your movies, music and games comes through loud and clear.
Long-throw subwoofer for rich, room-filling bass
Intensify your movie, music and gaming experience with distortion-free bass that goes extra deep. The powerful 8-inch, 120 watt driver reproduces the wide range of low frequencies that deliver room-shaking rumbles and rich, tight bass notes. And with Logitech's flared side port, the port noise that can occur with subwoofers is eliminated.

It's big, bold bass without the distractions.

SoundTouch™ remote for easy control
You have complete control over your listening experience with this sleek wired remote. Control master volume, subwoofer level and power. There's even a headphone jack for private listening.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7/8

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows XP

Package includes:

  • Speakers: 2x Z-5500 satellites, 1x Z-2300 subwoofer

  • Cables : Power cord, Color

  • SoundTouch™ wired remote control

  • Item shows signs of use (scratches, scuffs, dents and dings.)

Product warranty: 30 Day exchange if item is defective