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Music Alarm Clock Backup Battery - LED Digital Clock , White

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  • With TypeC USB and Backup Battery - It can be powered by USB C charger or only by backup battery.With USBC charger cable,charging is more convenient and faster.An extra TypeA USB Output Port was design for charging your mobile phone,pad or smart watch,etc.The LED digital clock for bedroom,living room and office decor.(Note: if you want to charge other devices, the clock must be powered by USB.)

  • Day Digital Clock with Temperature and Humidity - Help you use the conditioner or humidifier or dehumidifier more reasonably and help you create a comfortable indoor living environment.(Tips:When charging, the temperature will be slightly higher and will return to normal after charging is completed.)

  • Alarms with 18 Melodies and Volume Control - With 1 Min Ring and 5 Min Snooze plus 4level volume,it is enough to wake up every one even heavy sleepers.This digital clock is also available to set the Working Day You Need.Alarm Ringtone including elegant classical music, natural bird sounds, and traditional beep ringtones, which can meet the needs of different people.

  • 5level Adjustable Brightness Display with Sound Control - When Sound Control function is turned on, LCD display will automatically become the darkest and light up only when you make a 60db sound or touch the clock lightly.If you want it to Stay Light Up,just turn off sound control,and it is recommended to the clock with USB.

  • Ergonomic Design and Time Memory,Easy to Read and Use - Time Digital, Day Display ,12/24Hr , Fahrenheit/ Celsius temp units switch plus a HD LED screen,you can easy to read all the information you need. The highquality ABS material combined with the excellent ergonomically designed shape makes it very comfortable to touch and operate.With time memory function,you do not need to reset the clock after failure.

  • Manually Daylight Saving Time - DST starts in the early morning of the in March and ends in the early morning of the first Sunday in November each year If you need to use DST, just turn on and off the DST button on these two days each year without resetting the time.

Size:16.5 x 6.5cm

Package Contents:
1 * LED Digital Clock , White
1 * Data cable