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Myth Labs Genesis Headphones TRILL White on White

Condition: New retail box

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Myth Labs Genesis Headphones TRILL White on White

  • Genesis are our lightest speakers, designed to keep you on the move and in tune with your music.
  • Whether you plug them in to your phone or hi-fi system, Genesis speakers make your favorite tracks sound warm and wonderful, with incredible tonal reproduction.
  • Genesis were designed to bring the best out of lower-quality music sources such as low-bitrate MP3 files, YouTube videos or old-fashioned analog equipment.
  • These speakers enrich and restore sound quality from any musical source, allowing you to experience high-quality sound regardless of the quality of your audio files.
  • Combine Genesis with your choice of Mythband™ to create your perfect set of personalized headphones.


  • Interchangeable , upgradable headphones (headband and speakers are separate!)
  • Free iOS® / Android® headphone recommendation app available
  • Strong and flexible stainless steel construction with the highest quality plastic and foam for extreme durability
  • Unique metal compound drivers for unsurpassed clarity
  • Passive noise canceling technology

Package Includes:

  • Myth Labs Genesis Headphones TRILL White on White

 Condition:  New in Retail Box

Warranty:  Direct Manufacturer