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A connecting cable or amplifier is required. Compatible with Avaya amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters.

Avaya AH460N SupraElite Binaural Noise-Canceling Headset uses a sophisticated noise-canceling microphone to allow clear conversations in the noisiest environments.

  • All-day wearing comfort and reliability

  • Bendable, intelligent, click-stop boom: Stays in position for clearer voice transmission

  • Binaural design directs sound to both ears, greatly improving the clarity and comprehension in noisy environments

  • Comfortable, lightweight design: Featuring an adjustable headband, foam ear cushions and comfort T-Pad design create a stable, comfortable fit

  • Designed for the most demanding environments

  • Enhanced audio for greater listening accuracy

  • Leverages the strength of the market-leading Supra headset

  • Quick call feature: Headband twists out of the way for convenient quick call pick up

  • Smaller, lighter, more flexible cable: Designed for lightweight durability, with a new single-cable design for binaural models

  • Noise-canceling mic lets you be heard through the chaos

Product also known as:

700343742, SupraElite, 67491-01, Binaural, Avaya, Noise-Canceling, 700343742