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RADIODDITY Voyage RV6 (No antenna)

Condition: New open box

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[IP67 Waterproof]

With IP67 design, it is submersible for 30 minutes in up to 3ft/1M deep water. RV6 sends out a RED flashing light on the bottom while floating on the water, so it can be easily located and retrieved from water even in the dark.

[Vibration Water Draining Function]
Don’t worry if water gets into the speaker grill and muffles the audio, RV6 can emit a vibrating sound and shed water away.

[NOAA Weather Scans & Alert]
The current weather channel in use can be scanned (from 10 pre-programmed NOAA channels) and transmit the significant weather information 24/7. RV6 can sound the alarm at the same time "WXALT" symbol flashes.

[Wide Range Coverage]
It covers all USA, International, and Canadian marine channels, keeping you with most up-to-date marine activities. Tri Watch mode monitors channels 16 and 9 for a signal while you listen to the currently selected channel.

[Safety Channel CH 16]
RV6 will automatically send a distress call and repeat to the coast guard on CH 16 until the station gets it.

[Dual & Tri-watch]
Simultaneously monitor 3 channels: current channel, call channel and CH 16. You can also program channels and set RV6 to scan through them.

[Priority & Normal Scan]
Priority Scan searches through all TAG channels sequentially while monitoring CH 16. When a signal is detected on CH 16, the scan pauses until the signal disappears; if it's detected on other channels, RV6 will switch to Dual watch model until the signal disappears.

[Night Version Display]
Automatic orange backlight and LCD contrast setting are convenient for night time reading on large LED display. The service time of this radio can be extended much longer by power save function.

Optional Settings

Beep Tone Function
Weather Alert
Auto Scan
Priority Scan
Scan Resume Timer
Monitor Function
Power Save Mode
LCD Contrast Setting
Automatic Backlighting

Additional Features
Lock Function
Channel Group Selective
Call Channel Programming
Channel Selection: Channel 16/Call Channel/Weather Channels
Volume Adjustment: 1-31 (Mute-Loud)
Squelch Adjustment: 1-10-OP (min-max-all)

1. Keep RV6 at least 1 meter away from the marine magnetic navigation compass.
2. MAKE SURE the antenna and battery are dry before connecting. Exposing the interior of RV6 to water will result in serious damage.



Frequency Range



Output Power


Type of Emission

FM (16K0G3E)

Battery Pack

1500mAh Li-ion (DC 3.7V)

Frequency Stability

±10 PPM

Operating Temperature Range

-15℃~ +55℃

Antenna Impedance


Dimensions(H x W x D)

140mm × 65mm × 41mm



Package Content
1 x RV6 Radio   ONLY