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RJ-C120501A 12V Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger

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Highly rated 12V 6A intelligent pulse repair charger is a must have for any 12V Lead Acid battery with a rated capacity between 4Ah and 100Ah in cars, motorbikes, boats, agriculture vehicles and small trucks. 

This product features

  • A LCD screen display

  • Voltage detection

  • Pulse to repair

  • Temperature detection

  • Short circuit protection

  • Over voltage protection

  • Full power auto stop 

The other shell is made of an ABS flame-retardant material which is corrosion-resistant and insulating. This device supports 110-220V input power supply and has positive and negative battery terminal clips. This device also automatically detects the ambient temperature and automatically adjusts the appropriate charging voltage according to the detected ambient temperature. 

Use Description:

  1. Once the positive and negative are connected, the LCD screen will light up. The battery voltage and temperature will be displayed cyclically. If the positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly, the device will flash "reverse connection" and display EI-I-

  2. Once the battery has been connected correctly and then the power supply, the charger will start to charge automatically. The screen will cycle display of the battery voltage, current, and ambient temperature. Then choose the charging mode that matches the battery that has been connected (See mode selection on instructions for details).

  3. After the charging is complete, the battery power bar on the screen will show as full (100%). It is recommended to continue trickle charging for about 1-2 hours. At this time, it is in floating charging state until the screen is turned OFF and the charging is completed.

  4. After charging is complete, remove the AC plug first, then remove the positive and negative clips.   

Brand: RJTianye

Size: 147x79x62mm
Color: Red
Material: ABS
Output cable length: 65cm
Input cable length: 90cm
Output voltage: DC13.8-15.5V
Input voltage: AC110-220V (50-60Hz)
Output current: DC-6A (MAX)
Scope of application: 12V for 4Ah-100Ah Lead-acid battery only

Mode selection:

  1. Mode selection is only available when the battery and AC is connected to the device. 

  2. Each time the mode button is pressed, it switches in the following order "Automobile-Start-Stop-motorcycle-repair"

  3. The car icon is suitable for ordinary cars, agricultural vehicles, trucks and various 12V Lead-acid batteries. (Range: 12V between 15Ah - 100Ah).

  4. The battery icon is suitable for a car battery with start and stop functionality. (Range 10Ah - 100Ah). 

  5. The motorbike icon is suitable for all kinds of motorcycles and all kinds of 12V lead-acid batteries. (Range: 12V between 2Ah - 20Ah). 

  6. The repair mode (Shield with a plus) icon is for use on batteries that have been idle for a long time, old and unable to charge. See Repair function in the instructions for details.


  • 1 X Pulse Repair Charger