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Samsung Ezview Baby Monitor SEW-3022

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Night Vision and So Much More
The EzView baby monitor comes with a high quality camera that could be placed on top of tables and mounted on walls. It is also capable of recording under night time conditions. The camera also comes with a temperature sensor that can be set to alert you if the temperate drops or rises too much. It is powered by A/C power or by 3 (AA) batteries. You can link up to four cameras to the EzView's parent unit.

Easy to Share Videos with Family and Friends
With the Samsung EzView baby monitor, it's easy to share video of your baby with family & friends. You can use the built in micro SD card slot to store and move your video files easily, making it easy to share videos of your child on any social networking sites. Samsung brings you features developed with your convenience in mind.

Compact and Sleek Parent Units
The EzView parent is compact and easy to use. It fits in the palm of your hand and yet its 2.4" color monitor displays clear and easy to see pictures. With your parent unit, you can remotely turn on and turn off the night light located on the camera. You can also sooth your baby with the sound of your voice using the two way talk feature. The parent unit has a built in alarm for feeding schedules and other reminders.

The parent unit comes with a built in stand and belt clip. This unit is expandable up to four cameras. It can be set to alert you with vibration or with alarm. It comes with a rechargeable built in battery, and it has a sleep mode to conserve battery.

Easy to Share
Using the micro SD slot, you can store and move your videos. Then you can post your youtube® or facebook® for your friends and family to watch.


<p><span class=Two Way Talk
You hear your baby stirring but you can’t get to him or her right away. With the EzView monitor, not only can you hear your baby but you can talk to your baby too. With our two way talk feature, sooth him or her with the sound of your voice.
<p><span class=Temperature Sensor and Alarm
The EzView camera comes with a temperature sensor and alerts you automatically if the temperature in the room has risen or dropped too much. This is a handy feature to make sure that your baby stays comfortable. You can also use the alarm on your parent unit to alert you for scheduled feeding and other events. We can always use a friend reminder.
<p><span class=Watching Your Baby Even in the Dark
The EzView monitor camera has night vision capability and you can keep an eye on your baby even at low or no light conditions. In addition to the night vision capability, the EzView Baby Monitor has a remote activated night light on the camera. Keep an eye on your baby, even in the dark.
<p><span class=Easy to Use and Expandable
The EzView Baby Monitors are easy to set up and easier to use. The camera can be powered by A/C power or by battery, giving you total freedom. Your monitor is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. Just charge and go. Samsung's custom user friendly interface makes navigating through the options a snap. Lastly, your monitor can support up to four cameras.




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