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SteelSeries 64121 Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard

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SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard

Introducing the SteelSeries Apex RAW, a gaming keyboard designed to enable users to react quickly, move effortlessly, and customize its performance for every game. Effortlessly navigate your way around the keyboard with raised macro keys, and a unique W-key with tactile bumps for improved WASD speed, along with the visual support of bright white illumination.

SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard
Superior Design

Apex RAW is made up of sleek lines and low-profile keys that bring together beautiful form and optimized function.

Brilliant White Illumination

Find your way in the dark and locate your macros with brilliant white illumination featuring 8 levels of intensity.

SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard
34 More Way to Win

The Apex RAW features 17 independent macros keys that are each capable of up to 2 layers. This equates to 34 potential macros.

Layer Select Buttons

Switch between macro layers quickly and easily thanks to 2 quick-access keys on the upper left corner that allow you to select your desired macro layer.

SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard
Fastest Key Combinations

The macro keys above the F-keys feature a raised design that allow you to locate them without looking and execute devastatingly fast key combinations. Simply swipe your finger down from the macro key onto the F-key for quick key combinations.

Integrated Media Keys

Use the SteelSeries key to adjust volume, brightness, control media, and more.

SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard
Faster Return to WASD

Small bumps on the W-key provides a faster return to WASD. When you quickly have to type a message or execute a command, we want to make sure that you find your way back to WASD as quickly as possible without having to look.

Disable Windows Key

Simply hold down the SteelSeries key and tap the Windows key to disable it. This simple key combination will disable and enable the windows key without the need for software or complicated menus.

SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard
20 frequent gaming keys designed for
up to 6 simultaneous keypresses.
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Superior Anti-Ghosting

The SteelSeries Apex RAW gaming keyboard supports anti-ghosting for 20 keys located in the most-used gaming areas on the keyboard. Out of these 20 capable keys, users can press up to 6 of them simultaneously, allowing those key presses to register and without locking the keyboard.

Plug, Play, Win

There’s no need to install software of any kind in order to use the Apex RAW. Without software many features will work including disabling of the windows key and more. However, for the full experience and for the gamers who want really advanced customization options, the Apex RAW is supported by SteelSeries Engine technology.

System Requirements

PC with 1 USB port, Windows XP, Vista, 7

Compare SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboards

Features Apex
SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard
Apex RAW
SteelSeries Apex RAW Gaming Keyboard
Quick Summary SteelSeries Apex is designed to give you everything you want and more. Enjoy 88 more ways to win with 22 macro keys each capable of up to 4 macro layers. SteelSeries ActiveZone lighting delivers 5 independent color zones, each capable of 16.8 millions colors for style and function. Includes extras like integrated USB hub, independent media keys, and a braided nylon cable. SteelSeries Apex RAW follows in the footsteps of our other RAW products and delivers only the essentials for victory. Featuring brilliant white illumination with 8 levels of intensity, the Apex RAW has 17 macro keys that are each capable of up to 2 layers.
Low profile keys
Backlight color 16.8 mill. at 8 levels Bright white at 8 levels
Anti-ghosting 6 simultaneous keypresses of 20 antighosting capable gaming keys 6 simultaneous keypresses of 20 antighosting capable gaming keys
Macro keys 22 17
Macro layers 4 2
W-key with tactile bump
Media keys Dedicated Through modifier key
Adjustable keyboard tilt Two angles (7 deg & 10 deg) Two angles (7 deg & 10 deg)
SteelSeries Engine support*
Surface material/treatment Textured/Glossy Textured/Glossy
Braided, anti-tangle cord  
Rubber dome keys 5 mill. keystrokes 5 mill. keystrokes
USB hub 2 ports  
OS Compatibility Windows, OS X, & Linux** Windows, OS X, & Linux**