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VAMRONE Wire Connectors Nuts 2 Conductor Compact Splicing Wire Connectors - 50 Pieces

Condition: New open box

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Color Gray, Blue, Orange
Gauge 12.0
Connector Type Twist
Contact Material Copper
Insulation Material Nylon

About this item

  • 【AVOID WIRING ERROR】The wire connectors nuts comes with blue and orange colored, which could help you distinguish corresponding wires in the messy wire stack and effectively complete quick and exact wire connection instead of easily causing wiring mistakes comparing to normal single colored connetors

  • 【TIME AND EFFORT SAVER】Two-way wire connectors nuts, which is designed to be compact and pratical, can connect multiple sets of wires in a very short time instead of taking much effort soldering and wrapping wires in electrical tape. It would save tons of time and effort for folks who have been constantly doing electrical projects with wires

  • 【SAFER ALTERNATIVES】Unlike traditional screw and twist type wire connectors nuts, our slpicing wire connectors provide superior mechanical connections among stranded and solid wires with the cross section from 28-12AWG. The strong connectors help secure wires really tight without loosing and wires can be removed or reconnected due to the reusability

  • 【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】These connectors are used for joining braided and solid wires in different sizes from 28-12AWG. They work with most gauges of normal household electrical equipments like ceiling fans, sockets, switches, cars, ships, loudspeakers, lamps, electrical boxes, light switches, fan controls...

  • 【EASY OPERATION】Lift the connectors - Insert stripped wires in place - Simply close the connectors. BANG... YOU GET THE JOB DONE!