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Wolvespower 5FT Plug Socket With Battery Clamps

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Cigarette lighter extension cord

Does NOT include box.

  • The WolvesPower Cigarette lighter plug with Battery Clamps provides a stable connection and makes it easier to use your in-car devices by extending car battery to multiple connection possibilities, such as Vacuum Cleaners Pump tires and more.

  • The WolvesPower Cigarette lighter plug with Battery Clamps extend your car battery to your Car Fans,Vacuum Cleaners,Air Purifiers,Pump tires and other 12V or 24V in-vehicle products.

Features Of WolvesPower Cigarette Lighter Adapter With Battery Clamps

Cigarette lighter extension cord

Cigarette lighter Tie

16 AWG

1 Regular 15A Fuse

Stay protected with an replaceable 15A ceramic fuse to provide overcurrent protection.

5 inch Cable Tie

Euipped with 5 inch cable tie for every WolvesPower cigarette lighter extension cord, we hope it helps to make it easier for you to wrap this 12V/24V cord after you're done using it.

16 AWG Pure Copper Wire

WolvesPower Cigarette Lighter Extension cord is made of 16 AWG Pure Copper wire, it provides you with reliable performance when using it.

Product description

The WolvesPower 12/24-volt adapter plug socket extension cable extends the reach of your favorite 12-volt devices by an additional 10-feet. Features inline fused connection to prevent dangerous short circuits, water resistant cap to protect the 12-volt female socket from the elements, and a LED indicator to show when your 12-volt socket is active. Made from a high-conductivity 100-percent copper wire and a rated capacity of 15-amperes. Molded strain reliefs provide additional support against unwanted tension on the cable connections. Perfect for your favorite 12-volt devices, like a tire inflator, cooler, vacuum, heated blanket, fan, power inverters, coffee maker and more.