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RadioShack 1500458 Wired IR Repeater System

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RadioShack Wired IR Repeater System

 RadioShack 1500458 Wired IR Repeater System


  • With the Radio Shack 1500458 wired IR repeater you can use your existing infrared (IR) remote control to operate up to six audio/video (A/V) components from up to 23-ft. away with this Wired IR Repeater System from Radio Shack.
  •  Virtually any device controlled by an IR signal -- cable box, satellite box, Blu-rayTM player, HDTV and more - can be controlled by this device. 
  • The components can be in another room, inside a cabinet or even hidden in a closet


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  •  Hide and still control your A/V components
  •  6 emitters so you can control all of your devices
  •  Extra-long cords give you flexibility in where you locate your components
  •  Working distance between IR remote control and the IR receiver is up to 23-ft.
  •  IR receiving probe range from RC: &plusnm;15° horizontal; &plusnm;15° vertical
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