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Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Package w/ CM25 MkIII Condenser Microphone, HP60 MkIII Professional Headphones

Condition: Seller refurbished

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    • The one stop for everything you need to record guitar and vocals at the same time. The simplest USB interface, microphone, headphones and all the cables you'll ever need. Unpack, plug in...RECORD!

    • CM25 MkIII condenser microphone offers detailed and distinct studio-quality recordings.

    • HP60 MkIII professional closed-back headphones deliver crisp and clear audio playback, for mixing and monitoring. Exceptional comfort for lengthy studio recordings.

    • The 24-bit/192kHz high-performance converters allow you to record and play back audio at studio quality. Air mode breathes life into vocals, adding unique high-end detail.

Package Includes:

 - Headphones 

 - microphone 
 - microphone cable
 - Ampiflier

Does NOT include mic stand, pop filter, or any other cables.