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JSM-131 SE Multifunctional Air Quality Analyzer Digital Display Screen-White

Condition: Seller refurbished

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1.  Don't let go for a minute! Not only limited to the air quality at a  certain point in time, there is no missing air regulation throughout the  day to ensure that you are aware of air problems in a timely manner;

2.  High accuracy, can't hide! Use air analysis technology to accurately  locate tiny harmful components in the air to ensure sensitivity to  substances such as formaldehyde;

3. Watch straight, grade! Avoid the  cumbersome data when using the home to adopt the pollution level  division mechanism, the level is clear and easy to read and take  anti-pollution measures earlier;

4. Uninterrupted, long standby!  Lithium battery is selected as the power supply equipment, ensuring  long-term standby while ensuring long-term monitoring and monitoring  without any omission.

3 major technical highlights:

1. High  accuracy, detecting weak pollution sources, using Seiko air detection  chip, data amplification operation, can detect weak pollution sources.

2. Orderly, at a glance, four levels of classification, throwing away cumbersome data reading, making the review easier.

3. For formaldehyde and 0-1.999mg/m3 0-2000ug/m3 thousand precision, the accuracy is improved again.

Instrument Name: Air Quality Tester

Instrument model: JSM-131SE

Display window: 2.8 inches

Detection error: less than 15%

Sampling speed: less than 3 seconds

Range: 0-1.999mg/m3 0-2000ug/m3

Instrument size: 148X70X30mm

Host net weight: 166 grams

Battery capacity: 1000 mAh

Standby time: 4-6 hours

Detection range: formaldehyde, TVOC, carbon dioxide, PM2.5, PM10 detection average recording function

 Package includeds :

  • 1x Formaldehyde Detector

  • 1x USB Cable