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JYK EG530SD-3F DC5-12V 3-Speed 33/45/78 RPM Metal Turntables Motor for Record Player

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Motor for record player, vinyl record player, antique record player and so on.
CW means clockwise and CCW means counterclockwise.
You can only tune 33, then 45, and 78 at the end.
At 33 speeds, the motor speed is: 1130 ± 2%.
At 45 speeds, the motor speed is: 1520 ± 2%.
At 78 speed, the motor speed is: 2600 ± 2%.
The diameters of the copper sleeves are different. When the speed of the motor is the same, the turntable speed of the record player is different.
The width of the copper sleeve is 7 mm, which can adapt to various width belts on the market.
The distance between the top of the copper sleeve and the surface of the motor determines whether the belt and the turntable are on the same plane. If the difference is relatively large, the belt will easily fall out and the motor will not work properly.

Item Type: Turntables Motor
Model Number: EG530SD-3F
Rated Voltage: DC5-12V
Direction of rotation: CW
Material: Copper
Size: Motor diameter: 33mm/1.2in; Top distance: A/C: 22.5mm/0.8in, B: 18.5mm/0.72in, D: 20mm/0.78in; Height: 25mm/0.9in; Installation screw hole distance: 22.5mm/0.8in
Color: Silver+Gold
Optional Type: A: 14+7mm/0.5+0.2in, 5.5+7.5mm/0.21+0.29in; B: 11.5+7mm/0.4+0.2in, 5.5+7.5mm/0.21+0.29in; C: 14+7mm/0.5+0.2in, 4+7mm/0.1+0.2in; D: 10+7mm/0.3+0.2in, 4+7mm/0.1+0.2in
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