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Sharp EL-1750V Electronic Printing Calculator

EL-1750V Printing Calculator


  • 12-digit LCD display with Punctuation

  • Quick 2.0 LPS, 2-color serial printer

  • One-touch change calculation function

  • Cost/Sell/Margin keys, Grand Total and Average function

  • Built-in, mark up, + tax, - tax, and right shift keys

  • Floating or fixed decimal (3,2,1,0), add mode, item count

  • AC adapter included (optional 4 "AA" battery operation)

The EL-1750V is a desktop printing calculator with a large 12-digit LCD display with fast, 2 color printing.

This battery and AC powered printing calculator make it the perfect portable model when you need to be on the go with your calculations."


  • Large Display - 12-digit LCD with punctuation.

  • Quick and Crisp 2-Color Printing - Prints at approximately 2.0 lines/sec. in two colors (positive numbers in black, negative numbers in red) on standard size paper rolls.

  • One Touch Change Calculation Function - Displays and prints the change.

  • Calendar / Clock Function- Displays and prints date and time.

  • Cost-Sell-Margin Keys - Allows for convenient calculation of cost price, selling price, and margins.

  • Professional Keyboard -Layout allows for quick calculations.

  • Built-in Grand Total Key - Adds the grand total of several calculations.

  • 4-Key Memory - Includes memory plus, memory minus, and recall and clear memory keys.

  • Additional Features - Include tax key, right shift key floating (F) or fixed decimal (3,2,0), add (A) mode, item count, round up/down/off selector, AC power (optional 4 "AA" batteries, and heavy duty paper holder.

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